Flexi Column System

Flexi Column System

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This is a new product venture and concept be warned!
If you are wanting to make a purchase, we can’t sell you anything as we haven’t manufactured the product yet (but it is in the process) so you might want to move on. If so sorry to see you go!

However should you wish to stay, thank you. I would be extremely grateful for your comments

This project is based on an idea I had 2 years ago, I designed a decorative method of making columns. It was suggested I patent the idea to safe guard my commitment which I have done (that in itself was an experience).

Now patented and protected, I am able to continue my research and development.

There is now a questionaire so we can gather your opinions. Which we will be very grateful for.

We would be especially interested in hearing from Designers and Tradesmen.


How the Flexi Column System will work

The system will be available in a series of parts that slot together to enable different sizes and cross sections to be constructed.
You can use those parts to create columns and half columns with and without bases and capitals.
Here are some of the column sections you can create with the various parts.

Flexi Column System

The columns will be hollow, we have had ideas of using sections of columns to run pipes or cables down. You are able to create quarter sections and half sections you could use it like architrave or half circles against the wall.

Exploded column showing parts

Exploded column to show parts
Exploded column to show parts

Some example prototypes

None of these use the final materials they use a combination of prototype 3D printed parts MDF and cardboard tubes. So we can check tolerances fits and combinations. Currently we are evolving the design of the pins. There are more example and prototype images here.

Flexicolumn prototype A Flexicolumn prototype E Flexicolumn prototype B Flexicolumn prototype D Flexicolumn prototype C

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